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I am Makenzie Anderson and I am the proud owner of Kenzie's Sno Cones & More.  I want to start off by giving you a little autobiography about myself.  I am a thirteen year old Teenpreneur and I currently attend Germantown Middle School in Madison, Mississippi.  I go to Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church where Dr. Matthew L. Canada is Pastor.  I serve under many organization in schoolchurch and in the community.

What inspired me to start my business?

When I was about 9 or 10 years old, I started seeing all these teenagers with their own businesses. Once I started seeing them, I thought to myself, maybe I can do the same thing or maybe even better. After I considered my thoughts, I finally told my Mom about my vision.  For many years, my mom thought I was just playing.  Finally, for my thirteenth birthday, she took my vision into consideration. She contacted some business people and then my vision came to life.  

What services or products do I offer?

Kenzie's Sno Cones & More offers nachos, koolaid pickles, regular sour dill pickles, canned drinks, Gatorade and bottled water.We have 27 hand-made flavors, 5 sugar-free flavors and we also have toppings that you can put on your snow-cones.  We have 10 specialty flavors named after my grandparents and my parents. 

How do I advertise?

We have two social media accounts. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram.  We post every weekend where we will be located.  

As a business owner, what are my three top priorities?

First is having good customer service. Good customer service can take you a long way. The second is great customer satisfaction.  We always want to satisfy our customers because at Kenzie's, that's what we do.  The third is making sure that everything is in order and organized.  We do that because when people come up to your business, you don't want them to see your business looking messy because then they're going to put a bad review on your and you don't need that for your business.

What is my favorite thing about Kenzie's?

My favorite thing about Kenzie's is seeing the customers happy when we give them their products and seeing them telling their other friends and just bonding with the customers and telling them more about Kenzies.

When you're feeling hot and beat, come on down to Kenzie's and get you a cool, cool treat.

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